Game Demo

Gameplay video: Nightscape

During my undergraduate degree in my fourth year interactive media practicum, I worked for the entirety of the school year and the following summer on our project, Nightscape. Nightscape is an isometric mystery game demo focusing on Danielle, a private investigator tasked with unraveling the mystery surrounding the small town of Brighton.

My Role

As lead game and level designer I ensured that our team of 13 created content and aligned with our vision and tone throughout all stages of development.  I implemented our concept and assets in the Unity 3D engine, designed game levels, prepared design documentation, supervised playtesting, and assumed the role of lead programmer during development. I also represented our prototype at two professional conventions and interacted with judges and game development experts.

Project Summary

Due to the limited time frame our team had to complete our project, we prepared a demo to accurately convey our concept. This product included an opening cinematic, an overworld level, and one simplistic tutorial level- the Inn.   Our deliverable was fully modelled, textured, and animated by our team with an original soundtrack created by our sound designer.  I had the privilege of donning the motion capture suit and recording a variety of animations for Danielle- such as sneaking, walking, running, getting caught, and picking up objects.  


From this experience I learned valuable lessons about teamwork, professionalism, and pride in a project.  I also learned about the intricacies of a development environment, and how to fulfill multiple roles and learn complex skills in a short period of time.

Nightscape executable file available upon request.