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Various Visual Design Projects
Cyberpunk UI- Menu
Themed ability menu concept, outlining ability mapping and menu controls. (2019)

Character art credit: Broken Wang @
Cyberpunk HUD Day
HUD in day with full health and one locked ability. (2019)
Cyberpunk HUD Night
HUD at night with critical health, abilities on cooldown. (2019)
FPS Map Design Infographic
Infographic on first-person shooter map design fundamentals. (2015)
Scope Management Infographic
Infographic on scope management for a project management class. (2016)
Anatomy of a Batman Episode Infographic (
Experimental flowchart-style inforgraphic that breaks down a typical Batman (1966) episode. (2015)
Cyborg Photoshop
Photoshop project on human alteration. (2015)
GameBoy Product Shot
Photoshop project on object restoration for product shots. (2015)
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