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Explore the ROM

Mobile & Watch UI Concept: Museum Navigation (2019)

Explore the ROM is a UI project I designed to enable visitors at the Royal Ontario Museum to navigate the museum and view exhibits that align with their interests. 


The main idea I focused on for this design was the ability for users to create a personalized route around the museum. As museums and large galleries can be overwhelming to see in a single trip-  this app allows users to define what they want to see and automatically follow a generated route through the space to hit all the stops that are important to them.  

Along with the mobile UI I also designed a watch companion app that facilitates at a glance navigation and information viewing.  Many of the of the functions of watch UI are similar to what is seen in the mobile version, the watch app additionally features a compass navigation feature.   

My Role

I was sole designer on this project, working through all design stages by myself. I mapped user job stories, designed low, medium, and high fidelity screens, and sought feedback and critique from my peers.  

Software Used

  • Photoshop

  • Figma

  • Illustrator


  • Job Stories

  • Critique notes

  • Low fidelity sketches

  • Medium fidelity screens (mobile and watch)

  • High fidelity screens (mobile and watch)

  • Design specifications

High Fidelity Screens- Mobile 

Menu and highlight example

Museum Routes page containing a list of museum-created routes for a variety of situations.

Add a stop popup in the Personalized Tour route. Allows the user to search for exhibits, food, restrooms, etc. 

Video of Hi-Fi mobile screens

Hi-Fi Storyboard- Mobile

(click tp expand)

High Fidelity Screens- Watch

Navigation Screen 1

Navigation Screen 2

Navigation Screen 3

Navigation Screen 4

The compass navigation function shows the user where their destination is at a glance, without cluttering the screen with unnecessary information.

The main method of navigation for this watch UI involves the user rotating the crown to scroll through various functions.  This is seen in the first screen (above). When the crown is rotated, the icons to the right rotate accordingly, with the selected option being emphasized by increased size and opacity.  After a few seconds, the icons slide out of view until only their leftmost edge is showing (navigation screen 2). Tapping the centre direction instruction opens a direction list so the user can view their route in more detail through their watch. 

Navigation Screen 5:

Directions List

Map Screen:

Contains route, stops ,and popular points of interest

What's Nearby? 1:

Shows information about the current location and nearby POIs

What's Nearby? 2:

Hi-Fi Storyboard- Watch

(click to expand)

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