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FPS Maps

Far Cry 4 Level Design

First person shooter maps

Using Far Cry 4's map editor, I have published a handful of first person shooter maps on both Xbox One and PC.  Pictures below images of two of the maps I have published to Far Cry 4's creation community: Ravine Outpost and Mountain Temple. 


The ravine outpost map is a stealth map, where the player must avoid detection while eliminating all enemies.  This map has a high difficulty, as the central choke point of the bridge allows the player to easily be spotted if they don't plan their route.  Alternate pathways exist, as the player can cross the river by boat, or use grapple point under the bridge to get to the other side.


The temple map is an assault map designed to reward the player for exploring.  Item caches are hidden across the map, marked by visual cues such as paths and statues.  Aggressive animals can be found around the map, increasing difficulty and requiring the player to tread with caution.  The eye is immediately drawn to the large statue half buried in a mountain, which can be seen in the distance from the spawn location.



3D World Building

Maya Environment Model
3D Scene

For my final project in an introduction to 3D modelling and animation class I took during my undergraduate degree, I chose to model, texture, and light a scene using Maya.  I created this scene as a concept piece to accompany a game design pitch to provide a sense of the game's atmosphere. 


Below are still images taken from the scene I designed. 




Cyborg Photoshop Edit


Game Boy Product Shot

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